The Sickle Cell Cause

The ‘Sickle Cell Care, Advocacy, Unity, Support with Empathy’ Group’, derives its name by using the services we provide and the passion we use to deliver these services; the names of these services & passions used have been shortened to create the acronym ‘CAUSE’, therefore we are more commonly known as SC CAUSE or The Sickle Cell Cause.


SC CAUSE has been officially operational since January 2015, although the founder has over 20 years consistent experience as an active volunteer as a Sickle Cell Peer Advocate.


In 2014, an active number of volunteers from the community group Healthy Living International Ltd. came together under one banner to build the foundations for positive support for Sickle Cell patients and their Care givers.


Following a series of events; it was evident that there was a desperate need for a Body that can & will step up with dedication to actively support Sickle Cell patients to highlight and work towards meeting their needs by generating awareness and pursuing choices especially with treatments and lifestyle services. “We recognised the need for an organised body of personnel who understand the Condition and are therefore, empathetic and naturally supportive”


SC CAUSE has now been introduced to the sickle cell community countrywide as a powerhouse of information and experiential support via complete individual and including community-based inclusion and encouragement towards patient self-help & recognising personal responsibility for purpose of health and longevity.


‘The Sickle Cell Cause’ Provides Workshops and Activities & Hosts Presentations and Webinars focusing on the educational benefits of day-to-day well-being. We also share information with regards to conventional treatments and strongly promote and encourage the use holistic therapies and nutrition.


SC CAUSE is a community celebrated generational extension of support since the founding members revamped the Haringey and Barnet Sickle Cell Support Group, in itself was formed from the original and first UK based active Community Sickle Cell Research & Support Group ‘OSCAR’ and operational from the George Marsh Sickle Cell & Thalassaemia Centre since 1989

Samantha Greaves



Judith Jacob

Group Ambassador

2015 - Present


Leanne Palmer

Group Chairperson 
2017 - Present

Whilst our Advocacy Department continues the fight to keep The George Marsh Centre, Home of the Sickle Cell Community since 1989' we have been forced to seek alternative venues to host our Meetings and Workshops.

Please sign our Petition to Save our Sickle Cell Centre

~ OPEN HOUSE with The Sickle Cell Cause ~

The Monthly SC Cause OPEN HOUSE Meetings are hosted to encourage Sickle Cell Warriors, our Supporters & wider Community to meet, bond and discuss issues, host guest speakers and share updates which concerns all persons and establishments from our community with special emphasis to support those affected by the Sickle Cell disorders.



Open House Registration Link 


We Empathise before we Analyse, For when you Give; You truly Receive.