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Our Supporters 

Our supporters are welcomed pillars within the SC.Cause community all coming from different walks of life, offering their personal time, organisational services, resources and  opportunities. We certainly embrace the support offered by our wider community particularly where our values align and are able to achieve shared objectives.     

It is without a doubt that SC Cause would be unable to achieve its objectives efficiently without the assistance of our our Support Network of Subscribed Supporters, Fundraisers & Volunteers. 

Support The CAUSE


Personal donations are the most touching of all. We truly value our Subscribed Supporters those individuals who recognise the services we provide worthy of their continual financial assistance and whose contributions really do help to keep us on our feet.

Become an SC.Cause Supporter 

For all persons wanting to make a small but long term financial contribution to the Support Groups day to day functioning, service delivery and stability.

Support The CAUSE


To date we have received no governmental funding and have been completely reliant on our own fund-raising initiatives, and Funds Raised by other grassroot community organisations who want to see our work continue. We have been fortunate to receive  monetary donations from individuals, community groups and organisations over the years and will be forever thankful to those who have and continue to support our works.​

Contact us to discuss and collaborate on fundraising initiatives.  

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Our Legacy Foundation                                                                       

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Our Legacy Foundation                                                                       

Support The CAUSE


Our volunteers are proportionately made up of Warrior (persons living with Sickle Cell or the trait) friends & family members. Those closely connected and affected by the Sickle Cell condition. Warriors themselves are central to our volunteering recruitment process and overall service delivery, as we truly value the Warrior’s expertise from actually living with Sickle Cell and their ability to direct the approach we take towards delivering Sickle Cell support.

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Sickle Cell Cause is a fantastic organisation to volunteer for if you are a dedicated, integral and innovative individual looking for an opportunity to make a long term difference and impact on peoples lives affected by Sickle Cell Dis-ease.

Volunteers Intrest Form

We Applaud all of our Supporters with Pure Gratitude. Thank you all for the strength, support & dedication you give to the Sickle Cell Community via SC.Cause

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