What We Do

Our Mission

Our mission is to actively address the needs of the Sickle Cell patient countrywide by effectively implementing the objectives stated, focusing passionately with empathy and pro-activity; also including care givers, parents, siblings, teachers, nurses, doctors & all persons who have personal and/or professional connection with the Sickle Cell affected.

In addition, we work alongside other Sickle Cell Community Support Groups who share the same values as ourselves, who also face, recognise and challenge the onslaught of issues due to diminished responsibility from governmental services to support and share resources, experience, active volunteers and time.

It is our desire to make the much-needed difference in the Sickle Cell arena and therefore as a group, we WILL ask the questions and SEEK the solutions to address better health, well-being, treatments and improved lifestyle for all Sickle Cell patients who  NEED a unified voice for support.


All persons involved with the operations of ‘SC Cause’ are volunteers, donating their personal time, skills and talents to assist the cause.  We are fundamentally a Peer-to-Peer Support Network and operate as a group focused on positive action, so we work closely with our group sponsorship from the Gift Genius African Heritage Wealth Empowerment Program and rely gratefully on the generous donations from our wider community and encourage personal monetary donations to assist our continuity and longevity.


Aims & Objectives


Our team are currently working to support Sickle Cell patients in the following areas.


Assisting Sickle Cell Patients with: -

• Complete Family Welfare Support

• Support during treatment in A&E

• Whilst admitted into hospital

• Home Care/Visits after treatment



• Group Workshops

• Awareness Programs

• Seminars & Webinars



• For correct Housing Conditions

• Support with General Practitioners

• Promoting the agenda for Sickle Cell Awareness on an Individual, Local, National and International level

• Supporting letters and/or personally accompanied/ representation to Benefits Office etc.


Promoting 'Wellbeing' through

• NHS Care & Holistic Therapies

• Healthy Foods & Cooking

• Healthy Lifestyle & Exercise

• Excursions & Social Events