The Sickle Cell Care, Advocacy, Unity with Support & Empathy Group
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We are a Sickle Cell Support Group of Action.....
The name of our group was carefully chosen to highlight the exceptional services we deliver. 
The word 'CAUSE' in our title is an acronym of the words 'Care, Advocacy, Unity, Support and Empathy. We considered our name with detail to accurately describe the works and services we provide, as detailed below:
After many years of volunteering within the arena of Sickle Cell support the pioneers of SC Cause came to the common conclusion that it takes dedication and passion to affectively assist persons affected under the banner of Sickle Cell support; our volunteers have the correct motive for working with the Sickle Cell community of patients and their support networks; including their care givers, parents, siblings, teachers, doctors etc. 
After many years of active service under the banner of Sickle Cell support our pioneers highlighted the necessity that all persons using our services must feel and know without any doubt that all committee members, staff and volunteers of this group offer their personal services with the maximum degree of CARE; this action has been proven evident from the groups conception and highlighted when all persons mentioned makes the solemn promise each year in front of our AGM attendees that all personal information given by our service users will remain private and confidential. 
Our CARE service includes support via complete Family Welfare support, Support during treatment whilst in A&E, whilst admitted into hospital and Home Care visits after treatment.   
• For correct Housing Conditions
• Support with General Practitioners
• Promoting the agenda for Sickle Cell Awareness on an Individual, Local, National and International
• Supporting letters and/or personally accompanied/ representation to Benefits Office etc.
Our success has been proven because our members, services users, staff, community and all persons and organisations associated with our group are all UNITED for the purpose of bringing about positive change with regards to Sickle Cell Anaemia and how it affects all concerned.
Unity is a key component as ‘Together Everyone Achieves More.
We will hold your hand; We will walk side by side with you; We listen without prejudice; We offer counselling, business building workshops, nutrition and holistic therapy, healthy cooking demonstrations, outings, out of hours’ communication; We know how to Support you because it’s the very same support we need for ourselves.
Because our pioneers are affected by Sickle Cell they are all knowledgeable first hand with every aspect of living with this painful and debilitating condition; therefore, we are in the prime position to emphasise with our members and service users. 
We have no ulterior motive other than to address the well-being of our peers and this we offer without malice, dis-belief, sarcasm or ill placed sympathy.
As is natural we find these traits to be insulting to the Sickle Cell affected and only those that are affected at some level by the sickle cell condition can truly identify and give honest Empathy and encouragement, this in itself will encourage, inspire and bring about a better and stronger foundation for sickle cell support.
During the course of 2014, an active number of volunteers from the community group 'Healthy Living International' came together under one banner to build the foundations for positive empathetic support for Sickle Cell patients and their carers. 

Following a series of events, it become apparent that there is a desperate need for a pro-actively body to support Sickle Cell patients taking their personal situations as the benchmark to address, highlight and work towards meeting their needs through generating awareness and assisting personal pursuits with choices especially with treatment.

This body has now been introduced to the community countrywide as a necessity.

Emphasising on complete inclusion and encouragement towards self-help & personal responsibility for all those affected.

With the use of workshops, presentations and activities focusing on educating the benefits of holistic therapies and nutrition the group has grown in number very quickly; proving our services are a complete necessity and effective. 

It is out of these identified objectives that the foundations of this action group was born. Therefore, it is with great pleasure that we introduce the ‘Sickle Cell Care, Advocacy, Unity, Support & Empathy’ Group, otherwise known as SC. CAUSE.

Our mission is to actively address the needs of the Sickle Cell patient countrywide by effectively implementing the objectives stated focusing passionately on empathy with compassion and pro-activity also including the carers of the Sickle Cell patient.

In addition, we work alongside other Sickle Cell support groups who share the same values as ourselves but are facing challenges due to lack of resources, experience, active volunteers and time.

It is our desire to assist with making the much needed positive difference in the Sickle Cell arena and therefore as a group, we WILL ask the questions and SEEK the solutions to address better health, well-being, treatment and improved lifestyle for all the Sickle Cell affected that NEED a unified empathetic voice of support. 

At the helm of this group are individuals who have extensive personal experience assisting individuals and other Sickle Cell groups who have sought our advice.

All persons involved with the operations of SC Cause are volunteers, donating their personal time to assist the cause.

As a group focused on positive action we are reliant on the monetary support from our wider community and we gratefully receive and encourage your donations for our continuity and longevity. 

We hope this information gives an insight of what we as a group strive to continue and build stronger.


Chairperson    Miss Leanne Palmer

Treasurer        Miss Leanne Palmer

Coordinator     Ms. Samantha Greaves


Mobile Contact: 07508 908549

Monday, Wednesday & Thursday



Our Open Meetings Take Place every Second Sunday of each Month from May - October

2pm – 4pm

The George Marsh Sickle Cell Centre, St Anns Hospital, St Anns Road, Tottenham, London, N15 3TH


We do not host our 'Open Monthly Meetings and Workshops during the months of:

November, December, January & February.