It is without a doubt that SC Cause would be unable to be as effective as we are without the support of our community.

To date we have received no governmental funding and have been reliant on our own fund-raising initiatives and donations from those that recognise the services we provide as worthy of support.

Our staff are all volunteers, we work independently but together to complete allocated tasks.

As a team our passion is to make a difference; building a solid foundation within the Sickle Cell Support arena for benefit for our community from the grass-roots level.

We have been fortunate to have received small personal monetary  donations from individuals and also sums from community organisations who would like to see our work continue, we will always be grateful to those that support our works whether it be monetary and/or voluntary services.

We would like it known who has been very supportive towards the Sickle Cell Community via SC Cause and offer our complete gratitude to the following people and groups:

David Roberts 

Founder of Jus' Caribbean Festival


Sickle Cell Cause has an inbred passion to reach out our support to the Sickle Cell affected wherever they may be, we support many warriors in Africa with advice on nutrition, healthy eating & exercise also via social media as an ad-hoc listening ear & sign-posting to those that need understanding and empathy.
           ANGELA ROSE                                                                                                           HUGHIE ROSE
When we decided to visit some of our members in Africa we chose husband & wife team; 'AGA' as our service provider to look after all our travel and medical needs, transfers, excursions & safety as we visited The Gambia.
Through 'AGA' we were able to visit hospitals, clinics and schools to discuss how the services of SC Cause would be best effective.
It was during this initial visit we decided to adopt the Gambia as our home and headquarters for our HEPA Program.
Sis Isatou & Sis Angie working in The Gambia on their charitable projects. (AGA)

Dr Aboo Rahtata 

Community Champion, Popular Radio Presenter, Poet and Activist, Dr Aboo, is very supportive and helpful to the works of the Sickle Cell Community via SC Cause.
He is a strong supporter of our Advocacy, Fund-Raising and Awareness Departments and keeps a constant platform open on his live radio shows for updates from the Sickle Cell Community.  
On the air from Galaxy Radio via
Friday's:3pm-6pm Monday's  5pm - 7pm & Sunday's 8am-12noon.


18 August 2017 -- 10:30 –17:30

Lambeth College Clapham Centre

45 Clapham Common South Side,  London, SW4 9BL United Kingdom

We at Sickle Cell Cause cannot Thank David and his team at 'Jus Caribbean' enough for the unrelenting support given to the sickle cell community via sponsorship at this event. 
We look forward to seeing our many old friends and to making new ones by making a difference to the Sickle Cell affected during this amazing two day event.



Founded in 2013 by a small group.

Our Legacy provides fund-raising events to support local charities and community groups.

Their bi annual quiz nights are held in East London, in the summer and October and each year a suitable charity or support group is selected to benefit from funds raised.

In the past they have raised funds for a local Kwanzaa support group, The ACLT, Sickle Cell Cause,

The Jamaican School Appeal and The Manhood Academy for Boys, SC Cause loudly commends the works of this organisation and encourages other groups to attend their events to support the works of the community, also to put their own groups forward on the list of future beneficiaries.


The Administration team is:

Patricia Mills, Sandra Robinson and Bro Jegna.

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SC Cause Committee 'Gets Ready for Serious Fun' 2013

Mr Phil, Samantha Greaves, Yvonne Jhagroo & Curtis Stewart

Members of SC Cause 2nd Team
'African Heritage' are ready to Play 2015
Delicious hot meals for all participants 2017
SC Cause are grateful recipients 2016