The Awareness and Advocacy Departments of this group is posthumously dedicated with deep affection to the late:

  Dr. Neville Roy Clare MA. PhD

Sickle Cell Warrior who founded

The Organisation for Sickle Cell Anaemia Research


    8th May 1946 - 20th July 2015

With the support and encouragement from the Founder of the ‘Organisation of Sickle Cell Anaemia Research - ‘OSCAR’ - (which was the first ever Sickle Cell Support group in the UK & Europe, created and founded in 1975), Sickle Cell patient and advocate the Late Dr. Neville Clare MA. PhD, encouraged ‘Sickle Cell patient and community volunteer since 1997, Samantha Greaves’ to set the foundations of SC Cause with his mentorship. He helped her to encourage her peers from her networks to join her to create this group after she expressed great concerns after witnessing and also personally experiencing the great and obvious lack of overall hands on support with empathy for the day to day issues and needs of the Sickle Cell patient.


Since the official opening of SC Cause, the group has made noticeable progress via the guidelines of the Aims & Objectives as recorded in their constitution.

On behalf of the Sickle Cell community, SC Cause Founder, Samantha Greaves posthumously recognises the contributions of Dr Neville Clare  via his wife Marvalyn and daughter Donas.
Annual General Meeting January 2016 

The Life of Dr Neville Roy Clare (MA. PhD)

Dr Neville Roy Clare was born in Allman Town Kingston Jamaica to father Steadman Clare, a chef & mother Mavis a seamstress on the 8th May 1946.

His community was working class with a high sense of pride and his childhood was a happy one.

As a child, Neville had a passion for flying kites and playing cricket.


His early years saw his father away a lot working as a chef on the merchant ships and he missed him terribly at these times especially as it was his father that would take him to the everlasting stream of doctors who could never find out what was wrong with him; however; when he was seven years old there were happier times when his father found a job as a chef in a hotel in Montego Bay meaning he no longer had to go away for long periods.

At age 11 on September 22nd 1957 Neville came to England; His first address being in Palace Gates Road, Wood Green, North London.

Neville suffered terribly with the cold weather and attended Bounds Green School where he experienced some harrowing experiences especially during the compulsory Physical Education classes.

However; he was very academic and studied hard throughout his school years.

At 18years old he left school to attend Hackney Technical College where he obtained his O levels he then took up an apprenticeship to do technical drawing whist attending Tottenham Technical college in the evenings.

Throughout these years, Neville had to also live with constant pain, he knew he had a dangerous condition but nobody seemed to know what exactly was wrong with him.

So, when he was finally diagnosed with a name of his illness he then set about with research to find out what it was exactly and how it could be treated.

This ended up being his life’s work and in 1975 he set up the ‘Organisation for Sickle Cell Anaemia Research’ otherwise and internationally known as OSCAR.

In today’s times, we at the Sickle Cell Care, Unity, Support with Empathy Group will never forget this quiet gentleman who made it his life’s journey to look out and advocate for ‘us’, his peers who also suffer with the daily pain from living with Sickle Cell Anaemia.


We dedicate to continue to honour the memory of our sleeping Sickle Cell Warrior who was the inspiration behind this group’s very beginnings and will continue to annually remind the community and  acknowledge that he, Dr Neville Roy Clare, is the sole reason why there is a blueprint for addressing the needs within Sickle Cell Support groups nationally and internationally.

This group will hold fast our pledge to remember and honour Dr Neville Clare as is his due. 

Each and every year at the Annual General Meeting of Sickle Cell Cause, Neville's wife and daughter passionately awards members and supporters of Sickle Cell Cause and members of our wider community with an OSCAR trophy to show appreciation for the highly exceptional support they afforded the Sickle Cell cause in memory of our sleeping warrior hero.

'In his name we honour our supporters to show appreciation of how Dr Neville  Clare honoured us'

Below are some recipients of the OSCAR award

Dr Neville Roy Clare OSCAR Winners 2017
Dr Neville Roy Clare OSCAR Winners 2017

UCKG Help Centre Edmonton Youth Branch

Dr Neville Roy Clare OSCAR Winners for 2017
Dr Neville Roy Clare OSCAR Winners for 2017

Kareen Blair - SC Cause Awareness Manager


DJ Supreme - From The More Knowledge Show on Conscious Radio Recognising over 10 years dedicated support to the Sickle Cell Cause

Dr Neville Roy Clare OSCAR Winners 2017
Dr Neville Roy Clare OSCAR Winners 2017

UCKG Help Centre Edmonton Youth Branch


So effective is the group and even during the early stages of building the foundations, SC Cause was awarded their first notable community recognition from the prestigious ‘Bridge Community Impact Award’ for effective services to the community after just 18 months in operation and again was ‘Highly Commended’ every year since included winning ‘Community Impact Organisation of the Year 2018’, received from the votes of the Sickle Cell and wider community of Haringey, Enfield, Barnet and Edgeware also from prestigious community media platforms such as Galaxy Radio - The only De-Brainwashing Station and Conscious Radio’s – The More Knowledge Show-, for their voluntary prowess and active, integral services to the community.


“We recognise these awards as an encouragement to continue, build & support the community we serve and will always remember Dr Neville Roy Clare MA. PhD as our patient peer, friend, sickle cell advisor & mentor ~The Creator of the Blueprint for Community Included Sickle Cell Support ‘Worldwide’. ~ “We are very proud yet humbled to have such a high ranking in our community at such an early stage and endeavour to continue with the same Integrity & strength as we began”.


~ Samantha Greaves ~.