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Why We Fundraise

The short term mission of Sickle Cell Cause is to become financially strong enough to address our Aims & Objectives comfortably.

We have six categories as our departments that make up Sickle Cell Cause, these being our: Welfare, Children’s Activities, Fund-raising, Advocacy, Business Building, Holistic Therapy & Nutrition steering groups.

All of these departments are headed by volunteers who are committed to the Care, Support and Well-Being of our service users.

All individuals heading these departments were chosen because of their empathetic attitude, dedication & passion towards people that live with disabilities. 

To date we have received a phenomenal amount of support from individuals and community groups who have recognised our dedicated efforts.

With the continued support of our wider community we will reach our goal of raising £10,000 clear funds set aside for the kitty to support the financial needs of our departments.

This is a challenge because each day we are in need of finances, we cannot thank our supporters enough for their continued dedication, however we are fully aware that it is our duty to lead with our efforts to raise monetary funds to support the Sickle Cell Cause and will continue to create self -funded community awareness and fun events to assist with our endeavours.

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Ms. Winsome Palmer 

Group Fund-Raising Volunteer

"I feel very privileged to have been voted in to head the fundraising department, for me, knowing that the group is being effectively funded is very important.

I am a mother of a Sickle Cell Warrior, every day is a challenge and I find it extremely difficult to see my son suffering the daily pain and experiencing a harrowing Sickle Cell Crisis.

Every Crisis is traumatic and frightening, not everyone is able to fully understand life living with the Sickle Cell Disorder, but I do ask all my friends, family and community members, that whether you understand the impact Sickle Cell has or not please support our cause by registering  for our Sponsored Walks or by Sponsoring one of our Walkers.

Thank you - Winsome Palmer

Community Miles for Sickle Cell Annual Sponsored Walk 2016

2016 saw the the group host their first community sponsored walk, aptly named 'Community Miles for Sickle Cell' which proved to be a great success.
This is not the first time members of this group has hosted a sponsored walk for benefit of Sickle Cell support; way back in 2004 pioneer committee members, Miss Leanne Palmer & Ms Samantha Greaves created this walk, by mapping out the route and encouraging the Haringey & Enfield community to come out in force. Such was the success that the Community Miles for Sickle Cell Sponsored Walk took place again in 2005.
2016 saw SC Cause lift back up the baton of this three and a half mile walk as the groups first community based inclusive activity to raise Sickle Cell Awareness in the community.
Including the groups ambassador Ms Judith Jacob, out in force were twenty seven participating walkers aged from 6 years old to 66 years young.
So great was the community feedback that the event brought highlight of the groups effective services and aims & objectives to the attention of Haringey's Community Voluntary sector Impact Awards; earning SC Cause our first official community recognition, being notably recognised as most 
 'Effective Voluntary New Comers 2016'