Dedication to the Memory of
Curtis Augustus Stewart
April 1958 - April 2017
Pioneering Member January 2015 
Chairman 2016 -2017
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Dedication to my Friend

It was the active dream of Curtis to bring the message of holistic health and the taking of personal responsibility to address ones health to the forefront of our services to the members of our community.

Under the umbrella of Healthy Living International Ltd, of which Curtis was a Director, Curtis enjoyed sharing the responsibility of the organising of The Health Empowerment Program which began in 2011 as group trips to rural Spain.

The program began with the education and action of Detoxification and consisted of a Raw Food Diet throughout the week long experience.

The program included Holistic Health Seminars, Massage Therapy, Food Technology and Preparation, Yoga, Sightseeing and Spa experience.

After becoming more conscious of the economy and lack of resources in our community the Directors of Healthy Living International Ltd decided to host the Health Empowerment Program in Africa instead of Europe, whereas we would be better able to support the Sickle Cell Cause whilst helping with the economy of our Nation by spending and sourcing in Africa. We took our first trip to Africa via the community group AGA Associates in 2016 landing in The Gambia, where our works continue to build.

Currently Healthy Living International are building a Health Retreat in The Gambia whilst using the resources of SC Cause to continue to support the Sickle Cell Community. The Work is extensive and very emotional, however we are empowered to continue and work inspired by Curtis's Dream.

The Health Enhancement Project in Africa has been renamed 'The Curtis Augustus Stewart Foundation' in his divine memory.

Curtis in Spain 2011 - 2015   The Health Empowerment Program

Introducing - The Sickle Cell Care Advocacy, Unity, Support with Empathy Group

'The Gambian Project'