Promoting the agenda for Sickle Cell Awareness on an Individual, Local, National and International level.

We at SC Cause believe that information is the key foundation for improvement.

With the use of Webinars, Seminars, Social Media, Private Consultations, Public Meetings, etc, we are fully active with a minimum of at least THREE Sickle Cell Awareness Information Programs/Workshops per month.

The first port of call is to 'BE TESTED' know your Sickle Cell Status because this information saves lives and improves trauma. It is of fundamental importance to 'Be Sickle Aware'.

SC Cause, will visit your School, Place of Work, GP Surgery, Clinic, Place of Worship, Club, Radio Show, Home, Community Centre etc to share our Sickle Cell Awareness Programs.


Our Awareness Team consists of Patients, Doctors & Nurses whom are all aware, educated and understand the issues and challenges with regards to living with the Sickle Cell Disorder.

We also share our Awareness Programs abroad with a special affiliation to Africa.

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Foods, Exercise, Meditation are included to help eliminate the need for excessive pharmaceuticals and reduce the daily swellings, lethargy and pain.

To be diagnosed with any life long debilitating condition can be very traumatic, in many cases counselling is required.


Our Awareness Programs are constructed to address all issues concerned with living with the daily symptoms of the Sickle Cell Condition which includes advise on the benefits of 'Self Awareness' to encourage healthier blood flow and heightened oxygen levels, this includes 'Natural Remedies' and 'Holistic Health'.

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As well as promoting the importance of 'Screening' (being tested for the Sickle Cell Gene), we also highlight the urgency for the need of Blood Donors. 

Visit our Awareness Table and have a

chat with our volunteers.

Every Tuesday & Friday, situated in the foyer of the North Middlesex Hospital, Sterling Way, Edmonton, N18 1QX


We are very proud of the Awards we have received for our works and empathetic actions towards supporting our service users.