• For correct Housing Conditions
• Support with General Practitioners
• Promoting the agenda for Sickle Cell Awareness on an 
   Individual, Local, National and International level.
• Supporting letters and/or personally accompanied/ 
   representation to governmental service providers, etc.
The home of SC Cause is 'The George Marsh Centre' based in the grounds of 
St Anns Hospital, St Anns Road, Tottenham, N15 3TH.
Since 1989 there has been an avenue for Sickle Cell support at this address, the centre was aptly named in memory of
Dr George Marsh Consultant Haematologist who passionately served the sickle cell and thalassaemia community for many years and sadly just before his demise began the process for the building of this centre to ensure their was a home for the Sickle Cell community. Sadly he didn't live to see the centre's building complete, however, it was named in his honour,
Sadly we have been informed that the centre is to be taken away from the sickle cell community. 
Our Advocacy Department will fight this intention and ask our community for support.
Please sign and share our PETITION
We need 100,000 signatures of support for our case to be considered in Parliament 
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We will keep you informed of our progress.
MY WORDS = Samantha Greaves 
THE ‘Sickle Cell UK Advocacy Panel’, or ‘SCAP’.
Sharing information with other Sickle Cell Support Groups is very important; it enables us all to communicate effectively to improve governmental services and assist each other countrywide by knowing & addressing the strengths & weaknesses we all have collectively.

SC Cause has taken the initiative to create a panel from personnel members of support groups around the country and invite coordinators from these groups to choose a member from your group to be your representative member of the new ‘Sickle Cell UK Advocacy Panel’, ‘SCAP’.

The purpose of this panel is to give as many persons affected by Sickle Cell Anaemia a professional and united voice when dealing with issues that concern all; each panel representative will bring

forth their groups collective issues, opinions and possible solutions

to the Advocacy Panel thus enabling unified decision making for all concerned.

Housing Conditions, Social Benefits, GP Support, Hospital Admissions, Medical Treatments and Empathy are some of the pressing issues being discussed at present.

For changes to be made and set as definite protocol with guidelines which are monitored with purpose within these environments we the active voice of the Sickle Cell community are much more effective when we came together to present our issues in the correct way in numbers, thus the need for us to collate together.


Over the years, SC Cause volunteers and the sickle cell affected has witnessed many changes with government legislations, policies & procedures that has proven to be detrimental, causing hardship, discomfort and life-threatening circumstances. Changes in law has brought about reduced support within the UK’s housing, social & welfare departments, in many cases policies that the sickle cell community worked hard to create and have enforced are now being ignored or/and cease to exist. This groups Advocacy Team are working hard to have these laws reinstated and adhered to. If the sickle cell community remain silent, we will not be taken seriously as a collective of human beings living with a life threatening, painful and debilitating condition.

WE MUST SPEAK OUT and we welcome SUPPORT from our community with these issues.


SC Cause officially meets
London's Hackney Sickle Cell Support Group
in the Summer of 2016.
The committee and members of SC Cause strongly believe it to be of
fundamental importance to liaise and work together with other Sickle Cell Support Groups, with whom we share similar passions and are taking action to create, advocate & legislate advancements for
The Sickle Cause 
We look forward to joining SOLACE SG on more health and social events in the future, and encourage participation to their programs like the Yoga Sessions they set up for Sickle Cell Warriors in 2015.